The CTI’s Further Education and Training Sector (TEK) was established in 2001, with main subjects and objectives: the further education of educators, special groups and executives of the public sector in ICT; the promotion of innovative methods and technologies for education, training and certification; and the development of the necessary supporting mechanisms and Information Systems.

TEK is based in CTI premises, in Patras University campus and in Athens. The team consists of University Professors, researchers, senior managers, computer engineers, teachers with extended experience in using ICT in the educational practice, educators-trainers. There is also established collaboration with experts and scientific consultants, in special issues concerning the design and evaluation of educational programmes. 

The activities of the Further Education and Training Sector focus in the  

  • design, development and promotion of the use of innovative technologies for education and lifelong learning,
  • further education and training of teachers and trainers,
  • design and implementation of automated certification systems and software for assessing knowledge and skills,
  • development of Information Systems for managing large-scale education & training programmes,
  • design and utilization of modern educational tools and open learning environments,
  • research, design and pilot application of new e-learning and blended learning methodologies, aiming at the inclusion and access for all in lifelong learning, especially for the socially fragile groups.