About the region of Patras

Where is Patras?

Patras is located on the west coast of Greece (Hellas), 215 km from Athens. It is the principal Hellenic seaport linking the country with Italy and the commercial and cultural centre of Western Greece. Apart from its beautiful landscape, Patras is close to the famous archaeological sites of Olympia, Delphi and Corinth.

People and Life

People are friendly and happy to help with any questions. The atmosphere is lively during the day in the commercial and shopping centre (Maizonos Str., Riga Refaiou Str.,Agiou Nikolaou Str., Korinthou Str.),


but especially during the evening, in the wide variety of cafes, bars and restaurants for entertainment. Patras has a unique location, along the Patraekόs Gulf, gazing the Ionian sea and connecting with the Hellenic mainland via the impressive Rio–Antirio bridge, the longest cable stayed bridge in the world with a continuous road deck of 2,250 meters. Beautiful sunsets, long history and culture, monuments and museums, nightlife, as well a local cuisine with authentic ingredients provided by Patras countryside and sea gulf.


Further information about the city and the region of Patras